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Green Tape is a digital procurement platform where companies find suppliers, and suppliers find clients. Green Tape helps small businesses make big profits. And helps large organisations expand their supplier base.

Green Tape brings business to you. And helps your business grow.

1000s of opportunities
Access to buyers and suppliers
Sign up in minutes.
Get notified by email or SMS.
1000s of opportunities
Access to buyers and suppliers
Sign up in minutes.
Get notified by email or SMS.

What is
Green Tape?

Green Tape makes procurement simpler and business smoother. Whether you’re a small entrepreneur or a global conglomerate, Green Tape will make your life easier and your business more profitable.

For suppliers, Green Tape offers easy onboarding, access to larger clients and opportunities to grow. For large companies, Green Tape digitizes all procurement to reduce costs, drive growth and allow greater control across all business units.

If you’re tired of your current system, try a better one. If you’ve had enough of red tape, perhaps it’s time to go Green.

What Green Tape
can do for you

Green Tape helps you build partnerships, create opportunities and reduce costs.

Save time and money

Quicker onboarding, reduced documentation and control over costs.

Expand your network

Get access to a growing base of buyers and suppliers across 25000 categories.

Grow your business

Real time notifications on opportunities in your sector.

Opportunities for You

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Alliance FinanceTender for PrintersSeptember
Alliance FinanceTender for Core i3 LaptopsSeptember
Alliance FinanceTender for TabletsSeptember
Alliance FinanceTender for Mini PCsSeptember
Alliance FinanceTender forCore i7 LaptopsSeptember
Seylan BankTender for Security ServicesOctober
Seylan BankTender for Servicing of GeneratorsOctober
Seylan BankTender for Servicing of Air ConditionersOctober
Sunshine HoldingsTender for GI Box BarSeptember
Sunshine HoldingsTender for LED BulbsSeptember
Sunshine HoldingsTender for Air ConditionersSeptember
Sunshine HoldingsTender for Consumer ItemsSeptember
Sunshine HoldingsTender for Printed StickersOctober
Access EngineeringTender for Unwashed Sea SandSeptember
McLarens GroupTender for Vehicle InsuranceSeptember
McLarens GroupTender for HandwashSeptember
McLarens GroupTender for Tea Making IngredientsSeptember
McLarens GroupTender for StationeriesSeptember
McLarens GroupTender for Fire & Burglary InsuranceOctober
Alliance FinanceTender for Toners, Ribbons and CartridgesSeptember
Alliance FinanceTender for Printing & Supplying of Letter HeadSeptember
Alliance FinanceTender for Sanitary TissueSeptember
Alliance FinanceTender for Printing of Continuation Letter HeadSeptember
Alliance FinanceTender for AC InvertersSeptember
CIC HoldingsTender For EnvelopesJuly
CIC HoldingsTender For HologramsJuly
CIC HoldingsTender for Toners & RibbonJune
CIC HoldingsTender for Toners & RibbonsJune
CIC HoldingsTender for RibbonJune
DSITender for A4 SheetsJuly
DSITender for Inner PolybagsJune
DSIPVC Clear Gum TapeJanuary
DSIMaster CartonsJanuary
DSIPVC Clear Gum TapeMarch
Seylan BankTender for Wall CalendarsSeptember
Seylan BankTender for Janitorial ServicesSeptember
Seylan BankTender for Bank Deposit SlipsSeptember
Seylan BankTender for CalendarsSeptember
Seylan BankTender for Blank Computer FormsAugust
JAT HoldingsTender for Metal TinsJuly
JAT HoldingsTender for Plastics BucketsJuly
JAT HoldingsTender for Master CartonsMarch
JAT HoldingsTender for Outdoor BrandingMarch
Sunshine HoldingsTender for Air ConditionersSeptember
Sunshine HoldingsTender for Consumer ItemsSeptember
Sunshine HoldingsTender for Master CartonSeptember
Sunshine HoldingsTender for CCTV CameraSeptember
Sunshine HoldingsTender for Cutting & Grinding WheelSeptember
Access EngineeringTender for Bonding AgentSeptember
Access EngineeringTender for Spray Paint & Sand PaperSeptember
Access EngineeringTender for Cleaning MaterialSeptember
Access EngineeringTender for CablesSeptember
Access EngineeringTender for Silicon SealantSeptember
McLarens GroupTender for Sanitary ItemsSeptember
McLarens GroupTender for Tyre and Gasket SealantSeptember
McLarens GroupTender for Houseware and SuppliesSeptember
McLarens GroupTender for Paint and Roller BrushesSeptember
McLarens GroupTender for M/S Sheets and Floor BradsSeptember

Are you a supplier
seeking clients?

More business
Get access to hundreds of opportunities each month. Enjoy faster onboarding and submissions.
More transparency
Every supplier gets a fair chance. Benefit from less documentation and greater transparency.
More opportunity
Get more clients with less effort. Receive SMS and email alerts on live prospects.

Are you a buyer
seeking suppliers?

Easily find new suppliers through the Platform and grow your supplier base.
Manage Suppliers
Control the supplier journey from on-boarding and selection to negotiation and evaluation.
Analyse Spend
Use data reports and powerful insights to make smarter buying decisions.

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Tips and Advice

How to get started

How to get started

A 5-step guide to signing up with Green Tape.
Attracting business

Attracting business

Tips on building your profile for maximum impact.
Using data

Using data

How to use our data and resources to get the most from Green Tape.

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