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Affno Virtual Market (Pvt) Limited (AVM) was incorporated in January 2019 to develop a fully-fledged e-business for procurement centered around a SaaS platform. Design, development and testing were completed and the Platform, Green Tape was soft launched in Sri Lanka in November 2020.

Green Tape hit the ground running with several buyer company groups representing leaders in their respective sectors licensing it and several thousand suppliers registering to it. The buyer companies are now using the Platform successfully and have to-date published and concluded hundreds of procurements. The suppliers who have registered on GreenTape comprise a good cross-section from very small to very large businesses and also businesses from overseas.

The performance and functionality of the Platform is continuously developed by a fully-fledged in-house design and development team. A similar fully-fledged in-house team provides customer support to both the buyer companies and the suppliers.

GreenTape is an Affno Venture.

+94 (0) 706 026 026
Affno Asia Pacific Pvt Ltd

Affno Asia Pacific Pvt Ltd

Affno Ventures Pvt Ltd

Affno Ventures Pvt Ltd

Across the group, all the essential ingredients of a successful e-business are present:

Research, concept development and project planning
Strategic brand consulting
Mission-critical, scalable, secure architecture
Data science
Integrated development expertise across software, web and mobile
Creative content development (video, audio, print)
Integrated thinking
+94 (0) 706 026 026