How It Works

How it works

  1. Suppliers register with business registration or national identity card details and select the categories / products / services they can supply.
  2. Buyers upload requirements and request for quotations.
  3. Intelligent software and data-driven systems match buyer requests with registered suppliers based on their capabilities.
  4. Buyers can source from a wider pool of suppliers, control costs, save time and reduce documentation.
  5. Suppliers can submit bids for multiple requests at no extra cost. They can find clients, build partnerships and expand their business.

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Are you a supplier
seeking clients?

More business

Get access to hundreds of opportunities each month. Enjoy faster onboarding and submissions.

More opportunity

Get more clients with less effort. Receive SMS and email alerts on live prospects.

More transparency

Every supplier gets a fair chance. Benefit from less documentation and greater transparency.

Every supplier gets a fair chance.
Competition works best, when everyone gets to compete.
Get more work. By doing less.
Once you sign up, the opportunities will come to you.
Don’t blame the system. Get a better one.
More clients are moving online.
It’s time you did as well.
If you dislike red tape, try Green.
The quick and easy way to grow your client base.
Less forms, more opportunities.

Are you a buyer
seeking suppliers?


Easily find new suppliers through the Platform and grow your supplier base.

Manage Suppliers

Control the supplier journey from on-boarding and selection to negotiation and evaluation.

Analyse Spend

Use data reports and powerful insights to make smarter buying decisions.

Looking for the right supplier? We know 3474.
Over 3000 suppliers in over 25000 product and service categories.
Find yours with a click.
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Hundreds of requests each month.
Thousands of suppliers to choose from.
Good suppliers are hard to find? Not anymore.
Get access to over 3000 suppliers in over 25000 categories.
You have the demand. We’ll connect you to the supply.
Spend less time hunting for suppliers.
And more time delivering profits.

What Green Tape
can do for you

Green Tape helps you build partnerships, create opportunities and reduce costs.

Save time and money

Quicker onboarding, reduced documentation and control over costs.

Expand your network

Get access to a growing base of buyers and suppliers across 25000 categories.

Grow your business

Real time notifications on opportunities in your sector.

These days,
you can’t shake hands,
but you can still make deals.

Let opportunities find you.
Hundreds of tenders each week.
Thousands of suppliers to choose from.
Where business meets business.
Green Tape brings you business.
And helps your business grow.
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